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Spanish, Bit By Bit Multimedia

Tutorials include image, text and voice

(1) This tutorial is from Volume 3 in which appliances and electronic devices are presented. By clicking on the object, you hear its name pronounced. By clicking on the name, you see its English equivalent. In the exercise that follows, a learner clicks on objects to hear and see their names revealed, then he is asked to click on specific objects. 

(2 & 3) This tutorial teaches -ar type verbs. It's aim is threefold: first, to link an image of the action and the action's name (the verb) in Spanish in order to learn meaning in a natural way; secondly, to offer a clear pronunciation of the Spanish verb for practice; thirdly, to learn the verb forms.

Click on contestar to hear it pronounced

Clicking on text reveals and confirms the meaning in English.


(3) In this tutorial the vocabulary associated with various rooms of the house is learned. Learners associate the item with the Spanish word visually and by sound. You can hear it pronounced by clicking on the image and can also confirm its exact meaning in English by clicking on the Spanish word(s). 

(4) Tutorial presenting verb forms of Ir (to go). This page teaches the forms "Uds. van" both visually and in sound in a context, "żUds. van a Nueva York?".

English equivalent is shown in animation.

Button link at bottom offers the option of seeing the entire verb ir in a table (paradigm) and then return to this page.

Note also the Dictionary button at bottom which allows you to access the Spanish-English dictionary from any page and return to that same page without losing your place.



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