educational software to learn French or Spanish to learn Italian to learn German Software  includes bilingual dictionary, exercises, French words, Spanish words, tests, tracking   





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Who we are

In the mid 80's, as teachers of second languages, we had access to computers, but could not find software that met our students' needs. In 1985 we began creating our own software for our students. In time, other educators began asking for our material. The result is software for teaching languages which complements any course, can be used for individualized instruction in a classroom, library, computer lab or home.

French, Bit By Bit Multimedia and French, Bit By Bit: Le Passť are interactive multimedia presentations with delivery on stand alones, network or intranet. Our other series are textbased and are can be used with DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME or XP.

All our software teaches fundamental structures and relationships of language, verbs and their forms and vocabulary. Bilingual dictionaries are included. Our multimedia series offers the advantage of sound and pronunciation is emphasized. The bilingual dictionary shows and speaks the words. 

Our software is designed by experienced classroom language teachers and is being used in classrooms and computer labs throughout North America.