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                                           About our workbooks


teacher has permission to print, photocopy, distribute to his/her students


use with our popular software to reinforce work learned


ideal for work assignments when teacher must be absent


ideal for independent, remedial or enrichment

 Options:  (1) buy and download book(s). View, read, print only the colorful pages with exercises you need to hand out.

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When you download, you receive the book in a compressed format (.zip). Your computer will "unzip" the book in .pdf format.

To open the .pdf file you require the password which is emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

                 (2) order book(s) on CD described above in .pdf format (tiny shipping fee applies!) ... or

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                                  French, Bit By Bit Workbooks

                 Vol 1    Vol 2    Vol 3  click to see topics


                    French, Bit By Bit: Le PassÚ Workbooks

                 Vol 1    Vol 2    Vol 3 click to see topics


                          Spanish, Bit By Bit Workbooks

                  Vol 1    Vol 2   Vol 3 click to see topics

           Gold Editions are a combination of all 3 Volumes