educational software to learn French or Spanish to learn Italian to learn German Software  includes bilingual dictionary, exercises, French words, Spanish words, tests, tracking   





Tutor Enterprises

           Our Multimedia Series Features

bulletInteractive software rich in images, music and voices
bulletBilingual talking dictionary
bulletClearly explained lessons, tables, references
bulletExercises include multiple choice, fill-in, matching, true-false, ordering
bulletAutomatic record keeping for instructor
bulletActivity Workbooks (optional)

 Now available:

French, Bit By Bit Multimedia

French, Bit By Bit: Le Passť Multimedia


All our Multimedia includes tutorials, exercises, bilingual talking dictionaries, references, optional tests including automatic teacher record keeping and student review.

Voices are those of French nationals living in France and can be heard in the pronunciation exercises, throughout the lessons and exercises and in the bilingual talking dictionary.

Exercises include a variety of question types: multiple choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, put in order, hotspot (click on certain area of image).