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We have been creating resources and software for computer assisted foreign language learning for many years and we bring individuals interested in learning a second or foreign language for personal enrichment on a home PC, for help in improving grades, for preparation for travel and world exploration, and teachers looking for quality resources for foreign language instruction in classrooms, language labs, libraries, outreach programs and homework assignments, quality software that

 (1) requires no computer expertise and is easily installed and used by any age group.

 (2)  is economical, affordable and genuinely good value

 (3) can be used by a young learner or an adult in a school setting, a library, at home or on a laptop with virtually no outside help because instructions and explanations are clear and to the point and exercises are not complicated.

 (4) can be used independently or complement a particular course being taught

(5)  take on some of the tedious tasks involved in any type of learning whether it be scales in music, dates in history or verbs in French or Spanish in order to free the teacher to concentrate on more creative and communicative activities.

 (6) is ideal for true computer assisted language learning for independent and individualized instruction, whether for use in outreach programs, remedial work or enrichment

 (7) is rich in images and sound and stimulate a learnerís continuing interest, yet a program that is pedagogically sound providing a high learning curve

 (8) provides a bilingual spoken dictionary for correct pronunciation

(9) provides models of good, standard versions of the language being learned

(10) provides optional tests and evaluation based on material learned and practiced and exercises done with no surprise or trick questions

(11) provides record keeping of test results which are automatically stored and can be viewed, emailed or printed out

Software for your computer based training in these languages: French, Spanish, Italian and German. Available by license for stand alones, lab grouping, school or board/district site.
Teachers are saying:

 "... students can work at their own pace on topics tailor-made for their needs"

" ... better motivated and seem to retain more."

See our newest FRENCH and SPANISH Multimedia Productions which offer users interactive learning with images and sounds, lessons, exercises and tests.

Click on the language to download detailed description with pictures* of the programs: FRENCH   SPANISH

Click here to download short description* of programs: FRENCH   SPANISH (* Adobe Reader Required)

See our Textbased Programs which offer lessons, exercises, tests without graphics, images, sounds. Text only.

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